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Useful Links

This page contains links to sites that we think you may find useful.



Orthodontics & Orthopaedics This site provides useful information for patients on orthodontics and orthopaedics that allows us to straighten many teeth at this practice without extractions.

NHS Choices Useful information about NHS dental services

British Dental Health Foundation Patient orientated site which focuses on the maintenance of oral health and fitness

Implant Info This site provides comprehensive advice and information on dental implants

Osteocare Implants This site provides information on the dental implants that we provide at this practice

Mini Dental Implants This site describes mini dental implants and their applications

Mouth Cancer Foundation Charity website for the support, information and awareness of mouth, head and neck cancers.

Mouth Cancer Walk Official website for the annual 10km walk for the Mouth Cancer Foundation.

General Dental Council This website gives information concerning the role and activities of the dental professions governing body

PAGB Comprehensive information on over the counter medicines and links to healthcare sites

Patients Association Consumer watchdog organisation to improve patient healthcare services

Patient UK Patient UK is a directory of UK health, disease and related websites edited by two GP's

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